Covid Guidelines


Covid Guidelines


 Please read through the following information carefully. It is designed to help ensure that everyone can enjoy horse riding in a safe manner during this period. For those bringing parents with children under 12, please carefully read the attached document on what is expected when leading a horse, as you may be required to do so. See you soon and stay safe!

 From April 1st until April 12th, we can only take groups of riders who are all from the same household.

This will change on April 12th when we can take groups up to 15 from different households.

  1. Please bring face masks on your visit, these will be required when mounting the horses, as you will be in close proximity to our guides
  2. Please bring the CORRECT CHANGE, we do NOT have a card machine on the farm
  3. When you arrive at the centre, follow the signs and DO NOT leave your car until instructed to do so by a member of staff.
  4. Where possible, wear own hats and boots (boots with a small heel will suffice). For riders under shoe size 5, they can wear wellies. We will provide equipment for those who don’t have their own
  5. Where possible, print off our rider registration form attached and bring on the day. If it is not possible to print, bring a pen and you can fill these out when you arrive.
  6. Any riders who cannot ride confidently on their own MUST have an adult there to help them. This is not necessarily to lead them but to be there to help them along the track if something happens e.g. the horse stops to eat grass. Riding confidently means having full control of you horse in the arena and on the tracks.
  7. To keep our staff safe, they will not be intervening on the trek/hack unless absolutely necessary so if the rider is not capable of riding on their own or at the level they have booked for and has no adult to help, we may not be able to take you out.
  8. Do NOT come if you are showing any symptoms related to the coronavirus.
  9. Please bring your own hand sanitiser
  10. Be sure to use the toilet before you arrive at our centre.
  11. No extra people, other than those riding or leading, should attend
  12. Social distancing is compulsory and should be maintained at all times
  13. Be sure not to touch anything you don’t need to e.g. walls, gates etc”

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