2 Day Game of Thrones Tour


Immerse yourself in a real Game of Thrones adventure as you explore the main filming locations used by HBO and enjoy some of the best coastal horse-riding experiences in the world.

This 2 day Game of Thrones adventure will give you an opportunity to get dressed up and ride at the Dark Hedges which was used as the Kings Road. Walk, trot and canter through the farmlands and the stunning beach that surrounds Ballintoy while following the footsteps of Arya Stark and Theon Greyjoy at Ballintoy harbour which was used as the filming location for the Isle of Pyke.

Navigate your way along the coastline to Larrybane and the very spot where Brienne beats Ser Loras and is given a place in Renly’s Kingsguard. Cast your eyes over the Dothraki Sea where Drogon was found, reuniting with Dany and bringing her back to Meereen for her conquest and explore Mussenndun temple which is the setting of the enigmatic Dragonstone. This really is one of the most immersive and unique Game of Thrones tours in Belfast, Northern Ireland and the World!


Explore the Kings Road, Lordsport Harbour, Pyke, Dragonstone, Saltpans, Stormlands, Renly’s camp, Dothraki Sea and Dragonstine on horseback while enjoying some of the best coastal horse riding experiences in the world.


2 days, 1 night


Acoomodation x1, Filming locations audio-visual presentation with tea and scones on arrival, Assessment ride, Themed costumes, Lunch
Riding at Kings Road, Lordsport Harbour, Pyke, Dragonstone, Saltpans,, Renly’s camp, Dothraki Sea and Dragonstine filming locations, Downhill Beach riding, Whitepark bay Beach riding, Riding through Irish farmland
Incredible photo opportunities

Optional Add-ons:

Hire of a photographer for the day
Game of thrones themed banquet at Ballygalley Castle Hotel


from £980

Your day will begin at our centre (1 hour drive from Belfast) where you will be welcomed by our team and enjoy tea, coffee and homemade scones before one of our Game of Thrones experts will present an audio-visual presentation showcasing the different filming locations you will be visiting alongside the scenes which were filmed at each place.

After selecting a horse and an assessment, we’ll hit the trail, riding out into the wilderness of the North Antrim Hills and taking in the stunning, panoramic views. Once back at the stables, we will load your horses while you are whisked away to our costumes room to adorn yourself in splendid Game of Thrones themed costumes along with swords and armour. We will then transport you and your horses to our first stop; The Dark hedges, known better by fans as the Kings Road, the place where Arya Stark, dressed as a boy, escaped from King’s Landing in the company of Yoren of the Night’s Watch, Gendry, and Hot Pie. Dressed in themed costumes, we’ll tread a real Westorosi road, on horseback as Lord of the land!

After ensuring you have the perfect picture to take back home, you can set the costumes to one side and get ready to enjoy some top-quality riding. We will transport you and your noble stead to Ballintoy which boasts 8 different Game of Thrones’ scenes and 3 different parts of Westeros. You will walk the same footsteps as Arya Stark, Theon Greyjoy, Gendry, Salladhor Sann, Ser Davos Seaworth, Melisandre and the One True King of Westeros, Lord Stannis Baratheon.

This stop not only offers fantastic photo opportunities with scenery straight out of the show, but we also have the opportunity to enjoy some top-quality trotting and cantering through open farmland and across Whitepark bay. Whitepark bay is a beautiful stretch of pristine beach located on Co. Antrim’s North Coast near the picturesque village of Ballintoy. With a beach so pure it shines for miles (on even the cloudiest of days) it’s the perfect backdrop for a refreshing trot, canter or gallop!.

We will stop at the Red Door café for lunch before following in the same footsteps as Arya Stark, Theon Greyjoy, Gendry, Salladhor Sann, Ser Davos Seaworth, Melisandre and the One True King of Westeros and Lord Stannis Baratheon as we meander down the cliff road to the iconic Ballintoy harbour. Ride through this stunning harbour location which was the setting for Theon’s return to the Iron Islands as well as some of the areas around Dragonstone. It was here that Theon first met his sister Yara and was baptised in the name of the drowned god.

Our day continues through the quaint coastal village of Ballintoy towards the iconic Larrybane quarry nestled on the side of the limestone cliffs of the Causeway Coast. Larrybane hosted several key scenes, including where Brienne beats Ser Loras in Renly’s tourney (the melee at Bitterbridge) and is given a place in Renly’s Kingsguard as a reward. King Renly Baratheon also swears to Lady Stark that he will avenge Ned’s death, but meets his end at the hands of Melisandre’s shadow baby; some of the other characters featured here include Margaery, Littlefinger and Ser Davos.

Take the time to bask in the glory of Brienne as you and your noble horse look out across the Westerios to Rathlin Island and the Western Isles and highlands of Scotland.

Overnight: County Antrim

Enjoy a hearty full Irish breakfast before setting off to begin the next stage of your Game of Thrones riding adventure. Your driver will transport you to the seaside village of Castlerock where tacked horses await. Depending on the high tide times, we will start of riding on Castlerock beach and follow the beach to the adjoining Downhill beach riding on the sand below the towering basalt cliffs and towards the lonely Mussenden Temple regally perched 120-feet above the Atlantic Ocean. Inspired by the Roman Temple of Vesta in Tivoli, Rome, Mussenden Temple was used as a summer library for Frederick Augustus Hervey, Bishop of Derry and Earl of Bristol and sits behind the ruins of the Earl’s 18th century home, Downhill House. This iconic and dominating temple doubled as the setting of the enigmatic Dragonstone. It is here that Melisandre burned the effigies of the 7 New God’s and Stannis renounced the God’s of his ancestors, embracing the faith of the Red God instead.

As we round the cliffs and headland arriving on to Downhill beach with its magnificent mountain backdrop, cliff scenery and views across to Scotland & Donegal, we’ll take a swift canter or gallop across miles of flat open beach crossing the river on to Benone strand, with miles of more sand beach to cover before we arrive at Magilligan Point from where the ferry leaves to take vehicles and foot passenger across Lough Foyle to Co Donegal. We will tie up our horses and stop for some refreshments at the Point Inn before riding back across the golden sands, through sand dunes stopping to view the waterfalls cascading of the majestic cliffs of Bennnevanagh mountain.

We’ll leave the beach and, after a brief hill climb, with panoramic views of ocean and land, will sneak through the Bishops Gate, which was once the entrance to Downhill House towards the seaside town of Castlerock. We’ll stop for lunch at a local coffee shop & restaurant, Crusoe’s, renowned for its unique Panini’s and homemade soups, to rest & recharge before heading out again.

At this point, we’ll transport the horses to Bennnevenagh mountain and work off lunch with a leisurely ride through the forest to Bennevannagh Lake, high up on the plateau. The awe-inspiring Antrim Plateu offers panoramic views and because of this stunning scenery, it appeared as the Dothraki Grasslands in season five when Daenerys Targaryen was rescued by her dragon, as she was fleeing from the Sons of the Harpy in the fighting pits of Meereen.

As you ride back through the forests towards Dragonstine and your adventure is coming to an end, immerse yourself in the stories of your favourite characters, take in the beauty of the surrounding area and leave with a stronger connection to the characters, the land you have ridden through and the people you have met along the way.

What’s Included in the trip?

1 night accommodation
Luggage transport
Filming locations audio-visual presentation with tea and scones on arrival
Assessment ride
Themed costumes
Riding at the Isle of Pyke, Renly’s camp, Lordsport Harbour, Dothraki Sea and Dragonstine and the Kings road filming locations
3miles of Beach riding
Riding through Irish farmland
Incredible photo opportunities

Locations where we ride:

Irish Countryside
Sheans Equestrian Centre
Dark Hedges (Kings Road)
Ballintoy Village
Ballintoy Harbour (Isle of Pyke)
Larrybane Quarry (Renly’s Camp)
Downhill Beach
Mussenndun Temple (Dragonstone)
Binevenagh (Dothraki Sea)

Rates and Dates

To join a group ride starting on any of the below dates:

Every Monday year round: £980pps 

Flexible starting date of your choice: £1180pps

*The above group rates are based on a minimum of 4 riders.  Check out our T&Cs for more details.

If there are less than 4 persons on the ride, the price you pay will be:


Every Monday year round:

2/3 persons – £1280pps

1 person – £1650pps

Flexible starting date of your choice:

2/3 persons – £1480

1 person – £1850

 If an additional person joins the ride for the full 2 days, we are happy to give a refund where applicable in event of someone having overpaid.

 ​*Prices are based on two people sharing a room. A Single Room Supplement of £30 per night applies for those who require a single room.

Sheans Horse Farm
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3 Day Game of Thrones Riding Experience

Ride in the footsteps of your favourite characters, bring the stories of the show to life and enjoy top quality horse riding on the Causeway Coast 

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