Our first blog Post, wow! Welcome to the 21st century Sheans Horse Farm.

Are you missing the Sheans Horses and Ponies or fancy seeing some of our most trusted steeds?

With the lockdown continuing, we thought it would be good to remind everyone of some of our favourite horses and ponies. They are all getting on well, enjoying the rest but you can tell they are missing their routine and the TLC they would get daily in the stables.

Have a look and please leave a comment in the comment area at the bottom of the page with your favourite horse, your favourite bit of information about your horse or what horse you would like to see.

Milo - 12 years old

Milo is the main man at Sheans. He has won hearts of adults and kids and love his beach rides and cross country 

JR - 16 years old

The dabbled grey is one of the most photographed horses at Sheans. He is as honest as they come and a complete gentleman.

Walter - 10 years old

Meet the horse that’s thinks its a human and is like your very own pet, he would follow anyone all day long just for a neck rub

Jack - 15 years old

The most laid back pony you will meet but lots of our kids can find his higher gears. Loves his cuddles and treats 

Fudge - 14 years old

This is Jack’s absolute best buddy. He is a horse fit for a King or Queen but often enjoys a slower pace of life

Max - 16 years old

From adults to young children max always understands and looks after his riders and has given so many beginners confidence. He knows he’s the best looking horse on the yard 

Mervin - 13 years old

He’s not lost his crown for being best family pony at Armoy show for the past few years and even knows how to take his own bridle off

Pebbles - 11 years old

The smallest and cutest pony on the farm and the best escape artist we have ever met. All the kids love this one

Puddens - 20 years old

Puddens has been with us since the very beginning. Now in her twighlight years, she is still the sweetest pony who has taught all abilities and just adores kids 

Our Horses

The horses we use for our Horse Riding Lessons, Treks, Hacks and Beach Rides are mostly Irish cobs or Irish draught horses. The cobs are gentle, strong and versatile. For hundreds of years they pulled wagons and carts throughout Ireland but today they are used for the perfect hobby horse.

Today, they come in all shapes and sizes (some more athletic than others) and their gentle and social nature, their sure footedness and the comfort they offer, make them the perfect horses to enjoy the equestrian activities at Sheans.

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  • Who is your favourite horse?
  • Whats your favourite bit of information about your horse?
  • Whats horse you would like to see?